Spacestation XL

With its 700 watts, the Spacestation XL is the most powerful all-in-one stereo cabinet.

You need full firepower and you want your whole band to share it, the Spacestation XL is your weapon of choice. You can plug in your whole band by using its multi-inputs or via a mixer. Forget about taking out your old and bulky PA system, the XL features everything you need and delivers a full 700 watts of TRUE 3D SOUND to the benefit of the audience, you and your band.

Spacestation XL
Total Power: 700W

With its USA-made 12” Eminence woofer arranged in a 90-degree angle with a pair of 6.5” Eminence drivers and a 1” Titanium mid tweeter, the Spacestation XL creates unmatched True 3D SoundTM unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. As you know, stereo image can hardly be achieved in a live environment. With the Spacestation XL, everyone in the venue will experience True 3D Sound.

Even the architecture of the SXL’s front panel inputs is revolutionary with our patented ‘offset inputs’ that both protect and redirect the cables to the side and away from harm.

The Spacestation’s solid-state technology offers a clean and clear distortion-free signal, making it the very best platform for keyboard players, guitarists, singer songwriters and really anyone. All you need is a stereo source!



  • 300 degree True 3D sound field
  • Total Power: 700W RMS
  • Loudness: 116dB max SPL (@300 degrees)
  • Front speaker: 12″ LF coax + 1″ Titanium HF driver
  • Side speaker: 2x 6.5” full range dual direction
  • 250 RMS to 12” co-ax Woofer .009% typical, 0.1% maximum THD
  • 250 RMS to 1 co-ax HF Driver .009% typical, 0.1% maximum THD
  • 250 RMS to 6.5” side speakers .009% typical, 0.1% maximum THD100 VAC to 240 VAC @ 5A-T (auto ranging)
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
  • Stereo Inputs: 2 channels w/ Left and Right balanced 1/4″ TRS
  • Selectable sensitivity switch per channel: Hi (-10dB), Lo (+4dB)
  • Stereo Outputs: +4dB Left and Right balanced 1/4″ TRS or XLR
  • Mono Output: balanced 1/4″ TRS or XLR Sub, FOH or powered monitor
  • Dimensions: 29″ x 17″ x 16″ @ 65 lbs (29 Kg)


  • True 3D sound from a stereo signal providing big sound in a convenient powerful 700 watt package
  • Patented CPS technology with true 3D 300 degree dispersion
  • Patented DTA (Digital Transducer Alignment for enhanced Side speaker efficiency
  • Two balanced stereo channels with separate controls
  • Channel Controls include Level and dual sensitivity switching for instruments (-10dB) or mixers (+4dB) Master Level controls
  • 3 stage LED clip light (Blue-Yellow-Red) on both input signal and power amp output, Red indicated -3dB from clipping
  • Master Level controls: Level, HF Level, and Width Level lets you tailor your 3D sound for the venue acoustics
  • Patented “OFFSET INPUTS” protect and redirect cables
  • EMINENCE USA custom 12″ Coax with ADA-100i Titanium tweeter
  • Strong and light all plywood construction with Metal speaker grill
  • Dual format design: Carry or use vertically or horizontally
  • Includes cover

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